Disney Sing Along Songs Opening Theme

(I do not own the music nor the video, they belongs to its rightful owners)

Enjoy singing along to the song!
It brings back good childhood memories 😀

lyrics via: http://lyrics.wikia.com/Disney:Disney’s_Sing_Along_Songs_Theme

Profesor Owl: Is everybody ready?

Students: To sing-along!

Profesor Owl: With Disney Songs!

Girl Students: A Disney Sing-Along!

Profesor Owl: Now you at home can sing-along, with your
favorite Disney songs. We will play every note so you can sing-along!

Students: Join right in, sing-along with your favorite
Disney Songs. Once you learn every word, you’ll want to sing-along!

Dunce: But I don’t know all the songs!

Profesor Owl: We’ll make sure you can’t go wrong!

Girl Students: Sing-along one and all! Follow the bouncing

Profesor Owl: You’ll find out before your done, music’s fun
for everyone!

Everyone: Join right in sing-along with…

Students: Diiisneeeyy Siiing-Allooong Soooooongs!


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